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SlipKnoT Bio's

Corey This is Corey, the eighth band member of SlipKnoT. He is the voice behind SlipKnoT's songs. Corey was previously in another band called 'Stone Sour' and has working in a porn shop as a previous job on his CV. Corey has a deep hatred for Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit who apparently called SlipKnoT fans fat ugly and lazy kids. Corey, being the...ahem...gentleman that he is, stuck up for the fans and as you can guess things just got from bad to worse from then on. It is believed [although i cannot confirm] that the rivalry between SlipKnoT and Limp Bizkit has led to disagreements between KoRn and SlipKnoT. Although not an original member of SlipKnoT, Corey is now perhaps the most integral part of the band.

Corey's nickname is "The Sickness".

Corey's mask as you can see resembles the bad guy out of scream. The dreadlocks used to be his real hair but apparently they were a bit of a hassle to thread in, therefore his hair is now trimmed and hence the locks are fake.


This guy is Mick Thompson and he is the guitarist of SlipKnoT. Known as "Log" by fellow band members he is a fan of serial killers and....wait for it....cats!!! Before he joined SlipKnoT he used to teach people to play the guitar, something which he still does to this day.

Mick's nickname is "Log".

Mick has two different masks. One is one made out of leather and has a metallic finish to it. The other is a green hockey mask.


This is Shawn Crahan, one of the founders of SlipKnoT. Shawn has a reputation for being spontaneous on the stage and often is responsible for the 'fights' which break out on stage with other band members. Shawn's instrument [titanium drums] were made by himself, and one of his previous jobs was a welder. He was the first band member to wear a mask and and also the first to wear coveralls. Although on stage he doesn't possess the qualities required to be a father, off stage he is more calm and has a wife and three kids.

Shawn's nickname is "Kong".

Shawn bought his mask in a clear out sale and has made a few additions to it. He quotes that "he always wanted to be a clown" because of his split personality.


Originally joining the band as a guitarist, Craig Jones has now become the Media/Sampling specialist in the group. Craig is the webmaster of the official website slipknot1 and created the first track on the self-titled album. Craig is another band member who is also married and prefers to spend his free time away from the group and its duties.

Craig's nickname is "133MHz".

Craig's mask was originally a divers helmet which he found at a gas station. The spikes on top are nails which he pushed through and then stuck on using tape.


Standing at 6ft 6" tall James Root is by far the tallest member of the band. He is also the newest member to join the band. He used to wear a bondage mask formerly worn by the band member he replaced [Josh] but now wears his own mask as shown in the picture. Craig is another guitarist in the group. James claims that before he joined the band he was timid and now he claims to be "psychotic" freak!

James' nickname is "The Peach" [from James and giant peach i guess].

James mask is apparently absolutely filthy! Other band members have told him how much the mask smells [probably because its so tightly clad to his face]. It resembles a courtroom jester/demon which he claims resembles his personality.


Chris This is Chris Fehn who is the soft speaker in the band. Chris is another percussionist in the band.

Chris' nickname is "Mr. Picklenose"

Chris' mask is a pinochio style mask which again is used for bondage purposes. His band mates accuse him of "jacking" off to his mask. Make of that what you will.....


Paul Grey along with Shawn are the two members who founded SlipKnoT. Paul's instrument is the bass guitar. He is the only member of SlipKnoT who was not born in Iowa, he was born in Los Angeles. From various interviews and band tributes, Paul seems to be one of the nicest characters in SlipKnoT, but i'm sure he would deny it furiously!

Doesn't have a nickname [to my knowledge].

Paul's mask is a pig [well duh!] and yeh well thats it!


Joey This is Joey Jordison, who was one of the original members of SlipKnoT. Joey is the shortest guy out of the band but he's has the most charismatic personality out of all them [its not hard to see why so many fans like him the best]. He's very down to earth and very good at performing his role of drummer of the group. Before Joey joined SlipKnoT, he was in a band called 'Anal Blast'. He is also the one who created the term 'Maggot' [A maggot is a SlipKnot fan] and he also writes a lot of songs for the band. Joey also performed some of the mixing for the self-titled album. Joey also has his suit trimmed so that he can move his legs and arms about freely when drumming.

Doesn't have a nickname [to my knowledge].

Joey wears a dark, bland, Japanese mask, which has some scars painted onto it.


At 22, Sid Wilson, is the youngest member of SlipKnot. Sid plays the turntables and according to many fans, suffers from the arrogance of youth. He is constantly involved in fights with #6 [Shawn] live on stage and is most definitely one of the most flamboyant characters in SlipKnoT. Sid claims to be suffering from 'Organic brain syndrome' [don't ask me what that is coz i don't knoy myself!].

Sid's nickname is "Monkeyboy".

Sid's mask collection is well over 5, and he is known to name each one. They all gas masks and he also says that some of them reduce oxygen flow to his brain which sometimes lead to him hallucinating on stage.