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Pantera Bios

Philip Anselmo is the lead singer of Pantera. Phil is the tallest member of Pantera, at 6ft 1" tall. He was born on the 30th June 1968 in New Orleans, Los Angeles. In 1986, Phil replaced the previous singer, Terrence Lee.
Rex Brown, or Rex for short, is the bass player from Pantera. He was born on the 27th of Jul 1964 in Graham, Texas. He is 5ft 10" tall, and has brown colour eyes.
This is Darrell Lance Abbott, the guitarist of Pantera. His is nicknamed the 'Diamond' or 'Dimebag' and was born on the 20th August 1966 in Dallas, Texas. He has a son, and is the younger brother of Vinne. He has blue eyes and 5ft 9" tall.
This is Vincent Paul Abbott, who is the older brother of Darrell. His nickname is Vinny and he plays the drums for Pantera. He was also born in Dallas, Texas and is 5ft 9" tall. His birthday is the 11th of March and he has hazel colour eyes. He weighs 190lbs and as you can see needs to lay off the crisps a little.