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KoRn Bio's

Jonathan Davis is lead singer and probably the most publicised member of the KoRn quintet. Jon was born on January 18th 1971 in California. One of his early jobs was a coroners assistant, which is thought to have had a large influence on the style of music which KoRn play.

At school, Jon was constantly teased by fellow pupils who dubbed him a faget and nicknamed him "HIV". Jon has publicly admitted that as a teenager, he was caught up in confusion over his sexuality but would like to confirm that he "is not gay".

Before Jon joined KoRn he played in a band called Sex Art and was spotted by Munky, who asked to join the band LAPD, later renamed to KoRn.

Jon is married and has one son called Nathan. As for his nickname....well he doesn't have an official one!

This is Brian Welch, who plays the guitar for KoRn. Brian is probably the most sensible member of KoRn and is best friends with James [aka Munky]. Brian was born on June 19th 1970 in California and went to the same school with Munky. Brian is married and has one daughter called Jennea.

Brian's nickname is "Head" because [he claims] no hat fits him!

David Silveira is the drummer in KoRn. He was born on September 21st in California. David started drumming from a very young age and his self belief and confidence turned him into the fantastic drummer he is today. David joined LAPD which also contained Munky and Fieldy. One of David's closest friends is Chi from The Deftones [which are also listed on this webpage]. David's huge build and good looks has earned him a modelling contract with Calvin Klein. David is married and has one son.

Like Jon, David doesn't have an official nickname!

Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu plays the bass guitar in KoRn. His unique tuning of the guitar creates a unique almost 'drumming' sound which underlies most of KoRn's songs. Fieldy was born on November 2nd 1969 and in his spare time creates the T-Shirts and various mechandise for the band. He claims that any of the band members could do that but that they are too lazy! Fieldy is probably best known for his excessive consumption of alcohol, and it has been known for KoRn to carry buckets around in case Fieldy goes over the top! Fieldy is married and has two daughters.

If you hadn't guessed already, Reginalds nickname is "Fieldy"!

James Christian 'Munky' Schaeffer was born on June 6th 1970 in California. James musical career began after a freak accident which severed one of his fingers. As part of his rehabilitation, he was advised to take an instrument [he chose the guitar] and hence his musical career began. Munky was originally in a band called LAPD along with David and Fieldy.

Munky went to school with Brian [Head] and learnt a lot of his guitar skills of him.

James' nickname, Munky, originated from the fact that when he'd spread his feet out, people would comment that they look like monkey hands!