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Kittie Bios


This is Talena Atfield, the bassist player in Kittie. She was born on January 14th 1983 and on initially joining the band, was a guitarist. However, Mercedes and Morgan persuaded her to change to bass player. Talena replaced Tanya Candler in Kittie, who left in September 1999.

Talena has both of her eyebrows pierced as well as her navel, and also has her lip pierced. In total, she has 14 piercings!!

Morgan Lander does the vocals and also plays the guitar for Kittie. Morgan is allergic to eggs [!!] and was born on January 6th 1982.

She has both of her nostrils pierced and has 8 piercings in total. She is also the oldest member of Kittie.

This is Fallon Bowman, who along with Morgan, does the vocals and plays the guitar for Kittie. She is the second youngest member of the group and has the least number of piercings.

Fallon met Mercedes in a gym class and the two of them just hit it off. She has her nose and belly button pierced.

This is Mercedes Lander, the younger sister of Morgan. She plays the drums for Kittie and started playing them coz she thought they looked cool. She was born on January 25th 1984, and is the youngest member of the group.

She has her eyebrow and tongue pierced, and has seven piercings in total. Mercedes met Fallon in a gym class.