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Around The Fur


Hey you big star tell me when it's 
over hey you big mood guide me to 
shelter cause I'm through when 
the two hits the six and it's 
summer cloud come shove the sun 
aside i think god is moving its 
tongue there are no crowds in the 
streets and no sun in my own 
summer the shade is a tool a 
device a savior see i try to look up 
to the sky but my eyes burn cloud 
come shove the sun aside.


Somewhere outside there are tricks and evil 
Holler downstairs while I drive 
I want to watch you buttercup 
Through the fog dying of boredom 
I'll try all sixteen olive skin 
Bound by a voice 
I don't want to go but i want it 
Well at least you fucking care 
Dying of boredom 
I'll try all 
I'll be faint like a crook 
It looks and feels great 
But look at what it's doing to you but that's ok 
Look at how it feels 


I feel soon 
I will sink 
Into you what do you think 
Cause there's still blood in your hair 
And i've got the bruise of the year 
But there's something about her long shay eyes 
I'm all about her shade tonight 
I hate your tattoos 
You have weak wrists 
But i'll keep you well it's too bad you're married to me 


Hey vanity this vile is empty and so 
Are you hey glamorous this vile is 
Not god anymore speak i don't get it 
Should i ignore the fashion or go 
Buy the book i don't want it i just 
Want your eyes fixated on me 
Coming back around the fur 
Prostitute climb back down from 
The floor please don't fuck around 
And die like this cause i love her. 
Speak i don't get it should i ignore the 
Fashion or go buy the book i don't want it 
I just want your eyes fixated on me 
Coming back around the fur 
Takes you my own god the fur the fur 
Speak speak you're so bad to me 
I don't want to get dressed over anyway 
Come on have some fun 
You're a liar you're a liar and i don't 
Care about aaah 


It's so simple to look at every little thing I do wrong 
It's so simple to overlook every little thing i do right 
I think too much 
I feed too much 
I'm gone too much 
I sleep too much 
I starve too much 
I'm gone too much 
I need too much 
I'm way too much too stuck up 
Your probably right this time 
But i don't want to listen 
You're probably right this time 
But I don't even care 
I seem too much 
I think too much 
I step too much 
I lose things too much 
I add too much 
I'm pissed too much 
I need too much 
I'm not one to trust 
You're probably right this time 
But I don't want to listen 
You're probably right this time 
But I don't even care 
And if it was mine to say 
I wouldn't say it 
And if it was mine to say 
I wouldn't speak 


This town don't feel mine 
I'm fast to get away far 
I dressed you in her clothes 
Now drive me far away 
It feels good to know your all mine 
Now drive me far away 
I don't care where just far away 


I meant to come back to put out 
bliss but the style is crumbling 
covered canned it was sick and 
no you don't even know how it 
comes shifts then gets ruined by 
you fucking slobs but it's classical 
anyways and how cool are you i 
remember i can't help it makes me 
so sick over and over it sits stiff 
bound with no heart fine ’cause 
this is where the separation starts 
arising i can see it coming over 
your cloud and it's classical 
anyways how cool are you i 
remember just a bad call it's so 
funny how you think I'm so serious 
but that's not it the thing is i don't 
give enough to give a fuck you're 
plain boring and you bore me 
asleep but it's classical anyways 
how cool are you i remember and i 
feel sickened and who the fuck 
are you anyway you fuck it's 
making sick sense seeing how 
you're sticking out hardly and 
hoping money please arise up off 
the fucking knees and hop off the 
train for a second and try to find 
your own fucking heart. 


I always wondered what it takes 
fifteen stitches and a soft parody 
to make my eyes be like deceit i 
believe the sting proves heart to 
me and now i know that you love 
me thank god that you love at all 
dislocated at the joint timing is 
everything in the bed 'cause you'll 
sleep for hours to keep away then 
sink the teeth and bat your eyes 
now i know that you love me thank 
god you love at all what surprise i 
was right here going off and going 
on at least now i know that you 
love me thank god that you love at 
all what surprise i was right here 
going off going on dai the flu. 


Got back out back off the forefront i 
never said or got to say bye to my 
boy but it's often i try i think about 
how i'd be screaming and the times 
would be bumping all our minds 
would be flowing taking care of 
shit like hey holmes what you 
needing sometimes life will be 
coming off whack and will open 
your eyes as i proceed to get loose 
i feel you next to me fiending 
getting spacey with the common 
love of music think of this as the 
sun and the mind as a tool but we 
could bounce back from this one 
with attitude will and some spirit 
with attitude will your spirit we'll 
shove it aside soulfly fly high soulfly fly free 
shut yourself its the same but you boom 
i cant think i step upon about 
now slide come super slide 
with spirit so low its coming over you 
when you walk into this 
world walk into this world with 
your head up high. 


You're so sweet 
Your smile 
Your magazine and your bones 
You're on fire 
You move me 
Like music 
With your style 
Let me think about girls, money and new clothes 
Thirty night of violence 
And sugar to love 
Come here closer to the lung 
So i can shove her over the railing 
You're sweet but i'm tired of proving this love 
See your a bore 
But you move me like a movie 
That you love 
Fucking rock star 


sleep in this hole 
stinging in your eyes 
ashamed, for you, cause 
so far, i've been down thats true 
shake in lie 
about to fall 
ashamed, for you 
so far i've been down thats true 
except for your arms 
you start, stand still 
and shove regret back at me 
ask you why 
whats up? 
ask you why 
one, two 
why, why 
why why 
soon i've been you 
laughter, sigh 
so ashamed for you, cause 
this feeling gets old 
and so do your eyes 
this is why, i hate you, cause 
so far, i've been down thats true 
except for you're arms, you just 
smile, stand still 
while you look right back at me