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Deftones Bios

Camillo Wong Moreno, otherwise known as Chino, is the lead singer from Deftones. Chino means Chinese in Spanish. Born on 20th June 1973, he is the second youngest member in the group. His favourite drink appears to be Vodka and Gatorade. Chino's unique screams are created by him inhaling into the microphone!! Chino has several tattoos, which include the Virgin Mary. Also he enjoys skateboarding and one of his idols is a pro skateboarder named Mark Gonzalez. Chino is married and has two children, Kristian and Jakobi.

One of Chinos previous jobs was working in a cafeteria. Chino has been arrested for breaking and entering private premises, but was not charged. His favourite TV show is 'Good Times' and claims that he would leave the Deftones to join a band called 'Weezer' if given the opportunity.

Born on July 15th 1970, Chi Ling Dai Cheng [or Chi for short] is the bass player in Deftones. Chi is married to Adrienne and has a son called Gabriel. Chi's brother, John, works as a 'roady' for Deftones. Chi apparently likes to meditate in his spare time, and also likes to skateboard.

Chinos favourite drink is Scotch and along with Buddhism, like to write poetry when given the chance. His favourite TV show is Seinfeld and enjoys listening to Lauren Hill's music.

This is Frank Delgago, who is the DJ for the band. Not many people know much about this guy, except that a lot of his audio work is made apparent in songs like 'My Own Summer', 'Around the Fur' and 'Headup'. His birthday is November 29th, and i'm not too sure about the year!!

Before he joined the Deftones, Frank was in a band called the Socialistics, who are based in Los Angeles.

Stephen Carpenter [nickname Steph] is the guitar player from Deftones. Born on August 3rd 1970, he likes to wear long shorts at concerts....and is also the only band member no to be married! He smokes pot and one of his favourite places to visit is Amsterdam [i hope he isn't bent]. His list of musical influences include the oh-so heavy Bee-Gees.

One of Steph's previous jobs was a telemarketer, a job from which he got fired from, because he provided false information to customers!

This is Abran Cunningham, or Abe just for short. He is the youngest member of the Deftones, being born on July 27th 1973. He is married to Annalyn and he also plays the drums for the band. He is always giving tributes to his parents who taught him how to play the drums. He has one of his nipples pierced and enjoys listening to Elvis Costello.

Abe has previously worked in a band called Fallacy but didn't like their stlye of music and hence joined the Deftones. His previous jobs consisted of working as a waiter, busboy and a cook in a restaurant. Abe enjoys a good beer and loved football [soccer in American talk!] as a youngster...in my opinion he has a good taste in sports.....